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GELNARtex is a purely Czech company, which was initially founded as another division of GELNAR - KRAVAŘE Company, but after increasing interest in its products and demands for research and development of its products, the company later transformed as a separate unit dealing with the development and production of personal protective equipment against thermal risks.

GELNARtex is cooperating with Czech and German companies in the field of research, development and production, and therefore it operates not only in the Czech Republic, but especially in foreign markets. The company uses the highest quality technical fabrics such as Kevlar, Kevlar-carbon, Aramid, Nomex and glass fibers for the production. These fabrics are produced by the world's leading manufacturers.

Products of GELNARtex Company are developed mainly for usage for work in the steelworks, foundries, when fighting large fires, where the temperature often exceeds more than 500°C, or also as a protection of the products and technological units from high temperatures.

Products of GELNARtex Company protect workers´ health, provide movement comfort and significantly contribute to fulfilling of tasks in extreme conditions.



Opavská 117, 747 21 Kravaře
Mobil: +420 603 549 427

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