Manufacturer of heat-resistant
and refractory suits
...We adapt to individual customer needs... ...We also produce in small batches... ...We deliver in export bags... ...We deliver our products in time and anywhere...

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„ ...We adapt to individual customer needs...“

We are very flexible and we are able to react to changes in customer needs, therefore we can customize the cut, length, width, material combination etc., in the short term.

„...We also produce in small batches...“

We are able to produce and deliver smaller batches of each type of product (We produce according to customer's needs from 10 pairs of gloves or from 1 piece of the suit).

„...We deliver in export bags...“

Our suits are delivered in red transport bags from a special water resistant technical fabric, which protects our fire resistant suits from external damage (water, dust and other impurity).

„...We deliver our products in time and anywhere...“

Our products are delivered as soon as possible either by our vehicles or by prior arrangement with the customer we use the services of freight forwarding companies, that deliver our products in a very short time, anywhere in the world.

  • This is what you get by purchasing products from GELNARtex Company:
    • protection and comfort
    • first class materials
    • perfect manufactory
    • tradition and experience
    • highest quality
    • absolute reliability

Products of GELNARtex Company protect workers’ health, provide movement comfort and significantly contribute to fulfilling of tasks in extreme conditions.


15. 9. 2012

We attended 54. International Engineering Fair in Brno called INTERPROTEC, that took place from 10 to 14.19.2012 with a focus on personal protective equipment, safety of the work and working environment. more

26. 1. 2012

We launched product offering on our website. This website will be constantly expanded and updated for the new products, of which you will be informed here. more

20. 10. 2011

We participated in the international trade fair A + A Düsseldorf, Germany, which took place from 18 to 21 October 2011, it focused on personal protective equipment, safety and health protection at work. more

přidáno: 1. 10. 2011

A new website of GELNARtex company was launched and it will be constantly updated. You will be informed about all updates here in the news.




Opavská 117, 747 21 Kravaře
Mobil: +420 603 549 427

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