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NOMEXNomex, meta-aramid fiber with strong resistance to high temperatures. At 175°C, the fiber stays without loss of strength, at 370°C it begins to decompose at 400°C it chars. The fiber is resistant to organic chemicals, acids, alkalis, bleaches and beta and gamma radiation. It is used for protective clothing, special sewing threads, filters, parachutes, gloves and boots.

ARAMIDAramid is a solid, fire resistant (up to 500°C in a short time) synthetic material, which is used in the aerospace industry and military, for production of bullet-proof vests and as a replacement of asbestos. It has very high tensile strength (5 times greater than steel), high resistance to cuts and is self extinguishing. The name was made as a shortened name of "aromatic polyamide".

PREOPreox is a mixture of aramid and carbon fibers, that are resistant to high temperatures (up to 900oC in a short time) and has very good thermal isolation attributes.

ALUAlu is used to label materials, which are coated with a layer of aluminum, that provide reflection of heat (up to 90% depending on the quality of the surface) to the surroundings and thus the material is very slowly overheated. Thanks to the new adjustments, products are able to resist even higher temperatures (up to 1100°C in the short time, according to the structure of the material, packing material, etc.).



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